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Dedicated to helping small businesses grow, thrive, and succeed!


Stoked About Life Coaching is your premier personal business coaching, Website Development, and Branding Identity resource. We specialize in helping first-time business owners build their businesses from the ground up.


We aim to turn your passion for business ownership into a thriving, purpose-driven, and prosperous endeavor. Our mission is to help small businesses grow, thrive, and succeed!


We provide business owners with the tools, support, and accountability needed to turn their dreams into lucrative and rewarding business ventures. 

With an 8+ year proven track record of working with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creative small business owners, we know what it takes to start a successful business from scratch. Our professional team of business coaches, graphics and website designers, and our phenomenal team of marketing experts are committed to helping your business achieve its goals.

We specialize in helping you identify what makes you unique, coaching you through successful entrepreneurship, while building your engaging websites, and compelling marketing messages for you to connect with your ideal clientele and customers.

Book a FREE 30-minute coaching & consultation session today. Let's talk about the next best steps for you and the future of your business.


I have worked with my coach for almost a year now, and during this time, I’ve learned how to communicate more effectively and clearly with my employees. I've also learned how to be realistic about different projects that my business can take on. Most importantly, I learned how to discern faster about the best possible actions to improving my business. Coach Keithe gave me great advice about the best possible actions that I should take next concerning my business. 

~ Cynthia L. Morgan

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