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What's included during PHASE TWO Business Coaching:

  • Professional Business Coaching

  • Email Marketing

  • Google Analytics

  • Professional Landing Page

  • Social Media Optimization 

  • Competitive Business Advantage Analysis 

  • Business Strategy Analysis

  • Custom Website & Digital Marketing Training*

  • Establishing Business Credit 

  • Business & Financial Plan Review

  • Merch Development

  • Business Management

  • Marketing Campaign Development

  • Business Bookkeeping

  •  Weekly Business Analysis Reports & Review**


Only $549 to Start

then, (3) payments of $366 plus tax


3-Months, (26) 60-Minute Business Coaching Sessions

*Once your website is complete, we will teach you how to maintain and update your website on your own. We provide you will the training that you need to make updates and changes. We also teach you how to use the digital marketing campaigns that we created for your business so that you can market on your own beyond coaching.


**We will provide you with weekly reports during your entire phase so that you are able to witness first hand how your business is measuring up using website analytics, bookkeeping, marketing analytics and more.

*Please note that Stoked About Life Business Coaching does NOT submit paperwork to your state, or to the IRS on your behalf. Our coaching sessions will only provide you with the forms needed, then walk you through the process for the necessary forms for your particular business for you to confidently fill them out correctly and submit them on your own.

$1647 plus tax


3-Months, (26) 60-Minute Business Coaching Sessions

Once you've planted the seeds by registering your business, receiving your GE Tax license, and have finished with the branding of your business, it's now time to grow it.  


During PHASE TWO, the GROWING stage of your Business Coaching phase, you'll continue to work with your coach by adding in all the nutrients needed and watching your business grow.

Phase 02 is geared towards laying a strong foundation for your business. Every business needs a written business and financial plan, and we're here to help get you started. SALBC helps with your business needs by devising different strategies that will define your business plan's visions, goals, and actions that will aid you in determining the success of your business.

"From your logo to your website, business cards, merchandise and product development, and a whole lot more, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals."

You will work closely with your coach on which forms to fill out, setting up your business based on your particular business. Upon completion of the phase, you will have your website and specific branding identity, all the elements needed to start a successful business.

We will provide you with everything that you need to get our business up and running. 

Stoked About Life Business Coaching is equipped to provide you with everything that you need to get your business up and running. Our coaches, designers, and website developers work together to ensure a cohesive design and look throughout your brand.


From your Logo to your website, business cards, and a whole lot more, we are dedicated to the successful launch of your business. During this stage, you will develop your mission statement, secure your domain name, and fill out all the forms needed for your state to start your business.  

You will receive a 5-week coaching plan laying out what to expect over the course of five weeks such as the completion of your website, logo, mission statement, business plan draft, deadlines to complete your business forms, and more.


"I was actually surprised at how fast we could get the idea of my product off the ground from start to finish. In just about three weeks into my personal coaching sessions with SALBC, we were rolling out cool a** merch for my business in less than three weeks. It was beyond a doubt eye-opening, it was a vibe! Like seriously, the coaches at SALBC helped me to complete in weeks what I have been working on for years!"

~ Karla Henderson

What you will learn during this coaching phase:
Building a plan to meaningfully increase the profitability of your buisness
Learning how to manage your clients and customers efficiently
Creating a business plan that will help your business strive and succeed
Building a plan to meaningfully increase the profitability of your business
Learning how to effectively manage your business to maximize your profits 
How to attract more of your ideal clients and customers for your business
Develop leadership skills that will aid you in governing your business
Creating a schedule and life plan that will work with your imagined lifestyle
Learning how to manage your website and make updates on your own
How to stay accountable to yourself, your customers, and your family harmoniously 
Developing new strategic relationships to dramatically impact the success of your business 
Growing your company independently and confidently beyond cocaching 

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