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Logo Design

Website Development Services

Are you starting a business, and you need a logo to establish your brand? We got you covered!



Our uniqueness lies in our creativity, and each one of our logo designs ascertains that your brand is recognized and deemed impressive by your customers. Our graphic designers excel at creating iconic logos designed with pure mastery and aimed to catch the eyes of prospective clients.

Our graphic design department will work closely with you to design your ideal logo.

We understand that you need more than just a website to get started. That's why we have incorporated along with our website design services the registration of your domain name, a professional email, business number, and premium hosting account. We are dedicated to providing your business with everything is needs for a successful launch.

There are tons of automated logo designing websites and apps, but you become limited to what you can create with these automated services. With our graphic design team, the sky is the limit. Our graphic designers will reach out to you, and together you'll create the best logo for your business and brand. Upon finalizing your logo, your premium business cards and cardholder will be shipped directly to you within 7-business days.


*If you are not happy with your designs, we offer a money-back guarantee. After your final approval, we cannot offer you your money back; your order will be on its way.

What's Included w/ Logo Design:

  •        500 Premium Business Cards

  •        1 Premium Business Card Holder

  •        6 Logo Design Concepts

  •        Favicon of your Logo

  •        Digital, print, web files (RGB, CMYK, PNG, JPEG, PDF)

  •         100% Money-Back Guarantee*


Only $99 to Start

then, (1) payment of $100 plus tax


  1. Describe your perfect logo HERE

  2. Submit your order with us and pay the required deposit.

  3. 6 different concepts of your logo will be sent to you within 48 hours.

  4. Revisions of your logo can be made within 24-48 hours after receipt.

  5. Provide the final approval of your logo.

  6. Pay your remaining balance.

  7. All final files of your logo will be sent to you in PNG, RGB, CMYK, JPEG, PDF, & HTML ready for web use.

  8. 500 Premium Business Cards & Cold Holder will be mailed to your address within 7 business days.

Logo Design

Book a FREE 30-minute LOGO Design Discovery session! Let's talk about the next best steps for you and your business today!


There is nothing more you could ask for! Top-notch service and incredible logo design without a doubt. Super sturdy cardholder, and amazing business cards. Thanks to SALBC's Design team for their remarkable work and effort. These guys are a must recommend!! A+++++

~ Tyreek S. Johnson


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